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Paintless Dent Removal, commonly referred to as PDR, is the most effective and quickest way to get rid of dents to your vehicle, including those caused by hail damage; and unlike other repair methods there is no need for painting, sanding, filling or re-spraying – the original paintwork remains. The process is a lot quicker than conventional methods and in comparison to repair shops less expensive.

How Quick?

In general, fixing the damage to your vehicle will take between 1 to 3 hours and our service is mobile allowing you the freedom to choose to have your car repaired at your home or work place.

How Much Less?

PDR is often significantly less than the cost of your insurance excess. To receive a quote complete our simple enquiry form or send us an image of the dent via SMS to our quotes team.

Why PDR?

The cost of PDR is significantly less than traditional repair shops The original paintwork of your car remains intact Our service is mobile – we can come to you or work while you wait The cost is often not as much as your insurance excess

We not only eradicate dents from your motor cars but motor cycles too. Our expert service provides the opportunity for motorcycle owners to post us their dented fuel tank from anywhere in the world.

Motorcycle Gas Tank Paintless Dent Removal

As specialists in paintless dent removal in South-East Queensland, we guarantee satisfaction when your send us your dented motorcycle fuel tank to us. Utilising specialist tools and techniques we gain access to even the trickiest areas to ensure a perfect finish, returning the tank to you in its original condition.

Paintless dent removal allows us to remove shallow dings from panels where paintwork remains undamaged, removing the need for colour matching and re-spraying. We understand that a dent to your pride and joy is undesirable and while there's no significant effect on the performance of your ride, appearance is a very important factor to any motorcycle owner.

Motorcycle Fuel Tank PDR Brisbane

If you are looking to have your fuel tank repaired, it doesn't matter where you are located as we undertake work on fuel tanks sent to us from anywhere. Selecting us to perform PDR on your motorcycle tank will ensure you receive excellent customer service and that your fuel tank is returned to you looking as good as new. We guarantee a fast turnaround, efficient PDR service that won't disappoint.

For a free motorcycle fuel tank PDR quote, get in touch with Fix My Dentz on 0411517820, simply send us images of the damage and your address details and we will provide a quote including costs for repair and postage. Alternatively, if you are based in South-East Queensland our mobile paintless dent removal service can come to you and fix your motorcycle fuel tank at a time and place convenient to you.

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How Do We Do It?

We use the following two methods to remove dents from your vehicle without damaging the original paintwork:

1. Using specialist tools, we are able to get behind the dent and massage it out. There are special tools that allow us to get to the different panels of your car. We guarantee that we only employ experienced staff as these specialist tools should only be used by specialists who have been well trained.

We also use a special light to enable us to locate where our tools are. The light also allows us to ensure we are putting the correct pressure in the right places to ease the dent back to its original position.

2. The second method is called glue pulling. This is used in areas that are more difficult to access, for example, a rear quarter. Using special glue and tabs we pull the dent into shape from the outside.