PDR for your Motorcycle Fuel Tank

Since we published our new web page last month about motorcycle fuel tank dent repair, we have been inundated with requests for our fuel tank PDR services. With our latest offering of motorcycle fuel tank dent repair, owners of motorcycles have the opportunity to post their dented fuel tanks to us in South-East Queensland from literally anywhere.

Paintless Dent Removal Tweeds Head

Fix My Dentz operating in and around the Tweeds Head area are paintless dent removal (PDR) specialists, fixing shallow dents, often caused by hail damage or trolley dings, which affect the panels of motor vehicles. The Fix My Dentz team has always offered a mobile paintless dent removal service to ensure we provide a convenient, efficient package for our customers. We wanted to go above and beyond with our latest offering to ensure motorcyclists looking for experts who will not only provide excellent dent removal but also a prompt and timely service at a competitive cost will get just that without even having to see us themselves; they simply package up their damaged motorcycle fuel tank and send it off to us at Fix My Dentz in South-East Queensland.

PDR Tweeds Head

If you would like more information about our Motorcycle Fuel Tank Dent Removal get in touch with our friendly customer service team at Fix My Dentz, PDR experts in Tweeds Head. You can contact us by telephone on 0411517820 or complete our contact form on our website. It’s useful if you can provide images of the damage to your motorcycle fuel tank as this will assist us in providing an accurate estimate for the work required. If you can also include your postal address to ensure we know where to returning your fuel tank too as well as allowing us to accurately quote postal return for your repaired motorcycle fuel tank.