Benefits of Choosing Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal, often referred to as PDR, is the process of removing dents from your car without the need to repaint the surface. Utilising PDR, a non-intrusive approach to dent removal, we, the experts, at Fix My Dentz in South-East Queensland, use specialist tools to access the damaged panels and mould the metal back into its original shape, ensuring your motor looks as good as new.

Paintless Dent Removal South East Queensland

There are many benefits of paintless dent removal, including:

PDR is Low Cost

When compared to car body shop prices, paintless dent removal proves a cost effective method of repairing minor damage to your car.

PDR is Convenient

The process of paintless dent removal is far less time consuming that traditional methods of dent repair allowing you to wait while the work is complete.

PDR is Not Intrusive

Utilising the method of PDR means there is no need for painting, sanding, filling or re-spraying when fixing dents to your car, which means the paintwork remains intact.

PDR ensures Structural Integrity

Body panels remain intact throughout the process of PDR, ensuring the structural integrity of your vehicle remains unharmed.

PDR is Environmentally Friendly

The process of paintless dent removal means there’s no need to make use of harmful chemicals.

PDR South-East Queensland

Fix My Dentz are specialists in the process of Paintless Dent Removal. Our service offers all of the above plus fully trained technicians who provide first class customer service as well as a quick and efficient repair job. We guarantee you will be happy with the work we do and that your car will be returned to you restored to its former glory.

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